Washington, February 8, 203, Friday

Political and economic ties between China and Pakistan have strengthened, but the United States does not consider the relationship between the two countries a partnership. In a press briefing, a State Department spokesperson was quoted as saying that the US is ignoring the fact that it is working with China and Pakistan. In this regard, the spokesperson clarified that there is no need for any country to choose between America and China. We are also making choices. What matters is the relationship with America.

The benefits of a partnership with the United States are unmatched by any other country. Not only this, the US spokesperson tried to hide relations with China by calling Pakistan a strategic partner. The leader of the Congress party in the Indian Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, has said that relations between Pakistan and China have improved due to a strategic mistake of the current government, which he refused to support.

According to the federation and US scientists, Pakistan received 4.5 billion in aid between 2002 and 2020. Of this, 4.5 billion was security aid and 12.5 billion was aid to the United States and its allies in Afghanistan. Unlike aid from China, Pakistan does not have to pay most of the money it receives from the United States.

In 2014, then-President Donald Trump cut funding by 200 billion, saying he had not given much support to Pakistan by changing its South Asia strategy. US officials have warned that there will be a “secret price” for cooperation with China. Recipients who are not in a position to return the assistance. China’s debt-ridden Pakistan has demanded a reconsideration of its 20 billion debt due to the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.