the trial version will arrive in summer and will be 64 bit

Microsoft has announced the preview version of Visual Studio 2022 and it’s loaded with new features, which makes sense when you consider that the current version is 2019. A Visual Studio 2022 that stands out for adopting 64-bit, like Microsoft has already done this with other applications.

Visual Studio is one of Microsoft’s flagship applications. A utility that allows developers to build web applications or web services in any environment that supports the .NET platform. This includes web pages, game consoles, mobile devices … We now know that Visual Studio 2022 will be arriving as a trial version throughout the summer.

Changes in the interface and 64 bits are coming

Visual Studio 2022 will arrive throughout the summer, giving developers time to test and test the IDE before the final version is released. A version that stands out straight away to make the jump to 64 bits.

Visual Studio is following in the footsteps of other apps like OneDrive, which has already made the jump to 64-bit. This jump, however, does not prevent Visual Studio from being used to create 32-bit applications and tools.

Along with dropping the 4GB limitation, Visual Studio 2022 will feature a revamped user interface that includes new icons. It will also offer compatibility with Cascadia Code and a new fixed-width font aimed at improving readability. In the case of macOS, Visual Studio will use the native user interface. Among other improvements, highlight:

Compatibility with .NET 6, the Microsoft framework that allows you to build web, desktop and mobile applications for multiple operating systems. Support for .NET MAUI and ASP.NET Blazor. C ++ Tool Support 20, last year’s revision of the C ++ language standard. Intellicode engine AI improvements to detect potential code issues in real time. Integration with Accessibility Insights, a tool that helps detect accessibility issues in applications. The “Live Share” collaboration function will integrate a text chat. Added support for Git and GitHub. Improved code search.

As of yet, it’s unclear when the final version of Visual Studio 2022 will be released, although everything indicates that despite the name, we’ll have a new part of the tool before the end of the year.

Via | ZDNet

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