The competitive world of language translation apps is gaining a new adversary on Android: Deepl, a platform that promises the best machine translation currently available, is bringing its tools to mobile phones with the Google operating system. This facilitates the translation of texts and words. All with an intelligent system using machine learning.

Talking about maps on mobile usually invokes the ubiquitous Google Maps in our heads; just as it happens with Google Translate when we think of applications capable of translating texts. Of this last type, there are very good alternatives, such as the Microsoft translator. And there’s a not too well-known German company that just made its Android debut: Deepl. That you didn’t know her? Well, we recommend it.

Faithful and natural translation between 26 languages

Deepl’s Android app recently arrived on Google Play to bring most of the platform’s free features to touchscreens. This Android application is still somewhat limited, especially compared to that of iOS: it only allows the translation of words and texts. No translation of gallery photos or use of the camera, they will surely arrive in future updates.

Deepl for Android offers two different writing blocks: the upper one, dedicated to the introduction of what needs to be translated, and the lower one, with what has already been translated. It is possible to paste the words and also to copy the results. You can even listen to the translation to assimilate the pronunciation of the text you have just obtained.

The functions are still a bit basic, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing since Deepl gets strong where it’s needed most: its translation model is of the highest quality and fidelity. Very natural too, even with expressions where the Google translator offers more complications: Deepl’s AI works really well. We tested it with several texts, then compared them with Google’s own translator, and the results seemed much better. Even translate this article into English.

For the moment it is a bit tight in terms of options and does not even offer access to payment tools, but it is still recommended: the Deepl app offers a high level of translation between 26 languages, it does not has no cost for this use, it lacks ads and in-app purchases. It needs internet access to work (translation is done on Deepl servers).

DeepL Translator

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