The Hangouts email client is already numbered, and the company announced that it will soon be replaced by Google Chat, and as they planned at the end of last year.

Launched in 2013 when Google Talk and Google+ Messenger were unified, eight years later, we also have to say goodbye to Hangouts for the benefit of its successor Google Chat integrated with the Gmail app.

Google Chat replaces Hangouts

Google Hangouts still doesn’t have a closing date, but the company has started notifying its users through its app that Google Chat will replace Hangouts soon, starting its transition.

For a few months now, users can already use Google Chat, where they will see that all of their conversations from last year are already in the new email client. In the Hangouts notice, Google reports that older conversations will be available later.

Hangouts shows access to switch to Chat in Gmail, which will log out of Hangouts and open the Gmail app, enabling the Chat tab. Google Chat can be used through its standalone app or from Gmail.

Google Chat is pretty much the improved version of Hangouts, which previously as Hangouts Chat was only available for G Suite (now Workspace) accounts, and which adds integration with Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.

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