It may have been happening for a few days or weeks, but some people have only noticed it now. The iPhone’s Lightning port charging cradle, the Lightning Dock, appears to have disappeared from Apple’s US online store. We can only locate it through a search, which returns a message that the product is no longer available.

In other countries like Spain we can still locate the product page, but in very few colors and with the “Out of stock” sign on it. In the promotional images for the product, we can see an iPhone that hasn’t been updated to the look of the iPhone 12 and 13, another indication that suggests Apple has stopped manufacturing and selling this accessory.

Wireless charging and alternative bases, the likely culprits

We do not know the official reasons for this withdrawal, but it is not difficult to reflect on the reasons that led Apple to make this gesture. What is becoming popular now are wireless charging bases, whether horizontal or vertical, and some are capable of charging multiple devices at the same time.

In Cupertino, they will also intend to popularize their MagSafe chargers and accessories, favoring wireless charging before charging via ports. Who knows, maybe this is a first preparatory step for the arrival of a portless iPhone. It is also possible to think of the most logical, namely that this base simply no longer sells and that Apple will have sacrificed it in favor of other more successful accessories. Times are changing, as they say.

It is very likely that you can continue to find the official Lightning Dock in some stores until its stock runs out, and even when this happens there is always the alternative of equivalent bases from other brands that have certified their use. . Apple won’t sell it anymore, but I bet the concept will live for a long time.