Today, during the Apple sessions, these courses which we can attend for free in Apple Stores around the world, schedule their return to activity on August 30th. Thus, 10 of the 11 Spanish Apple Stores come out of the break imposed more than a year ago and invite us to participate in these mini training sessions.

August 30 will only be the beginning

Today at Apple, sessions are one of the fundamental pillars of the Apple Store. In small groups of 7 or 10 people, maximum, various subjects are explored such as photography tips, first notions of keynote, initiation to the iPhone and much more. Some sessions provide a good level of training on how to get the most out of our Apple devices.

At the end of March 2020, Apple went out of business, and although the company’s stores have gradually reopened since, it is only now that Today at Apple is making an appearance in stores again. The date chosen for their return is Monday August 30 and in Spain they will be welcomed by all Apple Stores in the country except, as far as we know so far, of La Maquinista, in Barcelona. .

The first sessions for which we can already reserve time teach us the techniques of photography with the iPhone, the photographic paths, the first steps with the Mac, a design study to draw with the style of Peanuts and the first steps with the Iphone. So we know of a selection of the most successful sessions among all those offered, although the different Stores offer one or the other depending on their location, size and availability.

As in Spain, Apple is once again offering its training catalog in stores in the United States and Europe. With a few exceptions, Today at Apple is returning to much of Apple stores around the world. Without a doubt, great news for learning how to do more with our devices.