A Taliban spokesman said that the work of removing Nishan Sahib from the gurdwara was done by the people of the Sikh community.

New Delhi Date. Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Taliban have captured important cities one after the other in Afghanistan. On India’s plans in Afghanistan, the Taliban close to Kabul said, “We appreciate what India has done for the people of Afghanistan.”

“We commend the dam, national and infrastructure projects and every project for Afghanistan’s development, reconstruction and economic prosperity,” said Taliban spokesman Mohammad Suhail Shaheen.

If India sends soldiers…

“If India sends troops to Afghanistan, I don’t think it will be good for them,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shahi said. India has seen the status of military presence of other countries in Afghanistan. It is like an open book for them. Asked about assurances about not allowing Afghan land to be used against India, a Taliban spokesman said it was a common policy.

A Taliban spokesman said they were committed to not allowing Afghanistan’s land to be used against any country, including its neighbours. A Taliban spokesman said he could not confirm the news of the meeting with the Indian delegation. However, he added that there was also an Indian delegation at their meeting in Doha. He also said that as far as he is aware, there has been no separate meeting with the Indian delegation.

Sikhs removed Nishan Sahib

A Taliban spokesman said the removal of Nishan Sahib from the gurdwara was done by members of the Sikh community. He further said that his officers had gone there and assured the people of the Sikh community that no one would disturb them seeing the flags. After that the people of the Sikh community again hoisted the Nishan Sahib on the Gurdwara.

A Taliban spokesman denied the allegations in a statement released on Friday, saying, “Similar baseless allegations regarding Pakistani intelligence have been made more than once. He also clarified that he Will not target any country’s embassy or diplomat.