Berlin (dpa) – The “Sportschau” has never been so feminine. When the first highlights of the new Bundesliga season can be seen on the ARD TV classic on Saturday, a new era will begin with presenter Esther Sedlaczek.

“I think it’s cool,” said her new colleague Jessy Wellmer of the German news agency. “I think it’s great that Esther is now playing in our ‘Sportschau team’.

Alexander Bommes is now the only man in the minority in the moderation trio of the “Sportschau” on Saturday. The ARD thus reinforces the trend demanded and promoted by the works councils. “The decision really surprised me in a positive way,” Wellmer said.

“It’s a decision of the sports bosses,” said ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky of Sedlaczek’s commitment, which went to the public broadcaster after more than ten years with pay-TV provider Sky. “We are trying to portray the company,” Balkausky said. “But above all, it’s a question of quality. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be using anyone, be it a man or a woman. “

The post became vacant following the departure of Matthias Opdenhövel, who ended his engagement with ARD. Sedlaczek’s predecessor therefore also represents a trend: Opdenhövel has left the public service institution and now works for private broadcasters, including Sat.1 for Bundesliga broadcasts.

Sedlaczek can do it. “I am very proud to succeed many great hosts of the sports program,” said the journalist, who has already seen the first programs without the Premier League. The lineage of ancestors goes back to Ernst Huberty and presents Anne Will as the first woman to host the “Sportschau” in 1999. Because Bundesliga rights were lacking in Will’s time, Monica Lierhaus is considered the first football presenter of the “Sportschau”.

There are now a lot of women in classic television over 60. On Sundays, for example, Julia Scharf works, and Lea Wagner is part of the team for the new Friday edition of the “Sportschau” with summaries of the second division on the specialty broadcaster One.

In one area of ​​televised sports journalism, however, women are still in the minority at ARD – and that’s why the station is looking for female commentators. “We always try to have journalists,” said ARD Balkausky sports coordinator. “But there aren’t many who apply. Interest is still low. “The only woman on duty is currently Stéphanie Baczyk.

Two years ago Baczyk made his debut in the first division in the “Sportschau”. Like Wellmer, she comes from Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg – which doesn’t seem like a coincidence. “The RBB has been run by women for almost two decades – first by Dagmar Reim, who has been very supportive of me, and for five years by Patricia Schlesinger,” Wellmer said of the advancement of women in Berlin and in Brandenburg: “And then of course there’s Kati Günther, the longtime sports director of RBB – basically I don’t know anything else.”