One of the most used Android launchers, if not the most, takes a big step in design and operation with version number 7: Nova Launcher evolves by completely rewriting the code of the app. The new beta, which spans Google Play, offers graphical detail on Android 12 and endless customizations for the interface.

Changing the look of any Android is usually straightforward, even without installing anything. Manufacturers tend to include a lot of options for modifying the design, often with changes that completely alter the look of the phone. And then there’s the ability to access launchers, apps that can even turn an Android into an iPhone. What are you looking for a more “stock” look? Nova Launcher 7 beta brings you a tweak of Android 12.

Nova Launcher 7 is completely rewritten to be based on the Android AOSP interface

Nova Launcher developer Teslacoil completely rewrote the application code using Android AOSP Launcher 3 (the system’s default interface) as the base. In January, we already saw a first beta, although it was not officially available on Google Play. Now it can be downloaded from there.

The interface is close to Android 12 with menus with rounded corners and animations similar to those of the last beta of Android. The options selector at the beginning is also renewed; as well as the Nova Launcher search bar or the widget drawer. The general feeling is one of freshness and optimization, and it’s still developing.

Specifically, some of the changes that come with the beta version of Nova Launcher 7 are:

Design and details updated from Android 12, such as menus and animations. Improved search bar with inclusion of weather icon, Google Lens icon and date. In addition, the search incorporates DuckDuckGo’s autocomplete. No more gestures for icons, only for Nova Launcher Prime. Greater customization of widgets with a redesigned selector. Better support for curved screens. Option to disable bounce on scrolling Android 12. Optimization of operation and correction of errors.

If you want to try the beta of Nova Launcher 7 now, you can go to Google Play and sign up for its dev test. In case the version 7 to download still does not appear (it is being extended), you can access the application from Apk Mirror.

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