Android officially ditched desserts with Android 10: the operating system had the same name as its version number. However, internally, Google continues to use desserts for each version of Android. Android 10 was Fifteen Tart, Android 11 Red Velvet Cake, Android 12 Snow Cone and now we know the possible internal dessert of Android 13.

Android 13, which corresponds to the letter T, is said to have tiramisu as a secret dessert. This dessert, like all those who have come since Android 10, would only be used internally when developing the operating system. In fact, this is where the reference was found in the code.

Tiramisu Android

We still don’t have Android 12 and we’re already learning a bit more about the next version: Android 13. Or, to be exact, Android T, since the letters didn’t always match the numbering, although it seems to be the way Google decided to take the latest tweak in Android 10.

Google ended sweet Android last names two years ago, although internally there are still references to desserts during development. Some of these references ended with external nods, like the recipe for the Red Velvet cake in the -virtual- statue of Android 11. If Android 12 would be Snow Cone, Android 13 would be Tiramisu, as shown in a commit in code by AOSP.

The commit simply asks to change the name of the platform version from T to Tiramisu, making it clear that this would be the internal name by which developers will refer to the next version of Android. With Android 12 almost on track with Android 12 Beta 3.1 fresh out of the oven, it’s only fitting that work begins on Android 13.

Users probably won’t see the relationship of that delicious coffee-soaked cake mixed with soft cheese and whipped cream, but we’ll still get the tiramisu aftertaste somewhere in the Android 13 code. arrives on the same day that we knew about the possible Easter egg from Android 12.

Via | XDA