After several months of beta launches, Android 12 is in free fall and that means major manufacturers must unveil their plans to update their devices. As is customary, Samsung usually starts the update with the high end and does so with a beta program, a strategy they also plan to follow this year.

It’s official: there will be a beta of Android 12 and OneUi 4.0 for the Galaxy S21 series. The company confirmed this via its official forums on the South Korean page, and while they don’t say an exact date, they do indicate the process will begin in September.

Android 12 and OneUI 4.0, just around the corner

As we said, the confirmation came from Samsung itself, especially the South Korean division, which posted the image seen on these lines in their official forums. Along with the image comes the text “The beta version of One UI 4 is expected to start in September”. There is no specific day, so it could happen in a few days or at the end of the month.

In the image, it is confirmed that the models that will participate in the beta program will be the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, although it is expected that other models such as the Galaxy Note 20 series and folding cars benefit from it later. As always, the program will start in South Korea and expand to other countries. It is accessible through the Samsung Members app.

The update is expected to bring a noticeable design change. One of the main changes to Android 12 is the new Material You design and everything indicates that this is reflected in the look of the Samsung cape, although as always they will adapt it in their own way. We will continue to wait for more details.

Via | Sammobile