Strong gusts of wind ripped off parts of the roof lining at the end of June. You now have a new use for the copper ball.

Stuttgart (dpa) – The copper roof of the Stuttgart Opera House, which was demolished in the storm in late June, is to be kept as a memorial.

Baden-Württemberg Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens) said in a video on Twitter that the crumpled roof was meant to serve as a reminder of the ongoing climate change. According to him, the copper ball should be placed next to the opera house like a sculpture.

During the storm of June 28 in Stuttgart, part of the roof was covered by violent gusts. Pieces of copper had fallen on the forecourt of the opera house.

In an open letter to state parliament speaker Muhterem Aras, finance minister Danyal Bayaz (both Greens) and mayor Frank Nopper (CDU), SPD politicians brought the copper ball into play as “A place to commemorate this difficult year in many ways.” The object has a sculptural and powerful charisma, according to the letter from SPD member of the Land Parliament, Martin Rivoir, and Chairman of the Stuttgart parliamentary group, Martin Körner.

The finance ministry had many ideas on what to do with the roof, Bayaz said in his video post. “One thing that kept coming back was to just leave the roof up as a memorial to the climate crisis.” He thinks the idea is really good because it has a strong symbolic power.

The roof dates from 1911 and was already considered diseased before the storm. The opera house, also known as the Littmann building, is to be refurbished for billions.