Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away a few days ago. Now the group is calling their colleague back.

London (AP) – The Rolling Stones remembered recently deceased drummer Charlie Watts with a touching video collage.

In the two-minute clip, which was shared on the group’s social media on Friday night, you can see, among other things, footage and clips of performances and interviews from the nearly 60-year-old drummer who was part of the legendary band. of rock. “I thought it would last a year and then dissolve,” Watts can be heard in an interview excerpt. He was referring to his entry into the Stones in 1963. The video is supported by the Stones hit single “If You Can’t Rock Me”.

Watts died in a London hospital on August 24 at the age of 80. A few weeks ago, we learned that he should not be on the Stones’ next US tour. It was said at the time that he was recovering from unspecified medical treatment. Steve Jordan, already heard on several solo albums by guitarist Keith Richards (77), will intervene. According to the American magazine “Rolling Stone”, the organizer announced that the tour should go as planned.