We talked about Nanoleaf on different occasions. Surely you know these compositions of LED lights that are placed on the wall with geometric shapes. Today, the firm announces that it is ceasing the manufacture and marketing of its best-known model, the Rhythm light panels.

Now, the brand stops selling Rhythm Light Panels starter kits on the company’s website and those that can be found in other stores will be those that are still in stock. The popular Nanoleaf triangles are dead, which doesn’t mean they can’t be used.

They are not compatible with Thread

It is on the company’s website that the company informs that the popular light triangles are considered a legacy product. At the same time, they specify that they will continue to support these panels within their application to configure and use them as has been done so far.

According to Engadget, a Nanoleaf spokesperson informed them that these panels will no longer receive new features through updates, although they will continue to receive improvements and fixes through future firmware updates already planned. The company justifies its decision by the lack of compatibility with Thread, which has prompted complaints from users.

“Technology is constantly advancing and we want to be able to offer our best, but since Light Panels have older technology (created before Thread), they will not be able to support Thread”

Those who own these light panels will be able to continue using them without any problem, either individually or to synchronize them with other current Nanoleaf models or others that will arrive in the future.

Regarding mosaics and spare parts, Nanoleaf will offer them until the end of 2023. For users who wish to extend their current lighting system, the brand offers discounts of 30% and 50% on accessories until the end of 2023. while stocks last.

Recall that Nanoleaf renews its product catalog and launches its new Shapes LED lights, its new triangular shapes available in two sizes and announces the Lines LED ribbons to synchronize with Matter compatible music and PC.

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