On previous occasions we have talked in detail about portable air conditioners, how they work, what they offer, their pros and cons, and even tips and tricks on how to install them and make the most of their potential.

And we have seen how one of the main negative points of this type of device is linked to the high noise level caused by its compressor, essential to generate the cold that helps us to regulate the temperature of the room.

Are all the models on the market this loud? Well no, there are some that offer lower levels than others, sometimes at the cost of a lower cooling capacity. This is why today we are offering you a selection of the “quietest” equipment that can currently be found in stores.

How to Evaluate Noise in Specs

And we say “silent” in quotes because all, absolutely all portable air conditioners generate sound levels much higher than what could be considered as truly silent equipment, as happens for example with equipment to be installed on the wall. Portable air conditioners are devices that provide noise levels above 50 dB (A), a figure significantly higher than that of 20 to 30 dB (A) for systems with compressor installation on the exterior wall of the house.

In addition, the true value of the noise generated is something that is sometimes difficult to find in the manufacturer’s advertising, having to resort to the instruction manual many times to find out and even then brands may use “tricks” to hide the actual noise level of the device.

For example, the most common is that they do not differentiate between “sound power level” and “sound pressure level”. The former measures the noise emitted by a sound source, while the sound pressure level determines how much of that sound reaches a certain point at a certain distance.

Both are measured in decibels, but it is clear that the sound pressure level will always be lower because some of the noise is diffused along the way, this loss being directly proportional to the square of the distance. In addition, sound pressure levels are not always offered at the same distance, since there are brands that measure them at 1 meter, others at 2 meters and others do not specify how they measure it.

Therefore, when evaluating the sound level of one of these devices and especially when comparing between several models, we must look at what figure the manufacturers give us, since the same device can offer very different values ​​with figures of for example 50 dB for the sound pressure level and 65 dB in the case where they give their sound power value.

Quietest models on the market

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8P

An economic model with which to enter the world of portable air conditioners is the Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 P, a device with a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU / h or 2,000 frigories, with R290 gas and an evacuation system condensate by pipeline. . It has rotating wheels so that we can move it more easily, a multi-function remote control and a touch control panel.

It is programmable with a built-in timer and offers cooling, fan, dehumidifier, night, automatic and turbo operating modes. Regarding noise, the specifications propose a minimum-maximum sound pressure level measured at two meters of 47-52dB (A) and a sound power level of 63 dB (A). Its price is 257 euros.

Olimpia Splendid 01913 Dolceclima Compact 8 P Portable Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU / h, 2,000 Frigories, R290 Gas, Designed in Italy

Rowenta AU4010

Another interesting model is the Rowenta AU4010, a three-in-one unit with functions for cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating. It offers a cooling capacity of 7000 BTU or approximately 1700 frigories per hour, being recommended for rooms up to 65 cubic meters.

Its air flow is up to 270 m3 / h and its daily dehumidification capacity is up to 46 liters. It contains a dust filter with a system that traps particles down to 660 microns. Includes a remote control and 9 different settings, including a “silent” mode. The sound pressure stated in the specifications ranges from 50 dB (A) in this low noise mode to approximately 65 dB (A) in the turbo mode with the fans at maximum. Its price is 394 euros.

Rowenta AU4010 3 in 1 portable air conditioner: cools, dehumidifies and ventilates, compact, cooling efficiency of 7000 BTU, up to 65 m3 and remote control

Midea MPPDB-12CRN7-QB6

The Midea MPPDB-12CRN7-QB6 portable air conditioner offers us a cooling capacity of 3,027 frigories per hour and has a double filtration system to trap bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust and bad odors, depending on the manufacturer.

It has a quick connect window kit adaptable to different sizes and has a 24 hour timer to have the device turn on and off automatically at certain times of the day. The sound pressure level indicated in the specifications is indicated in three different values: minimum-average-maximum with respective values ​​of 50.40-50.80-52 dB (A). As for the price, it can be found in stores for around 519 euros.

Cecotec Force Clima 14750

The Cecotec Force Clima 14750 Cold & Warm is a mid-range model capable of offering cooling capacity of 14,000 BTUs and which includes a heat pump system for the winter. It has a remote control via WiFi, a remote control and is recommended for rooms up to 30 square meters.

It has 5 operating modes and 3 speeds to suit our needs, it comes with a dehumidification function capable of capturing up to 31 liters per day and a programmable timer for up to 24 hours. Its sound power level is 65 dB (A) and can be found in stores for a price of around 449 euros.

Cecotec Force Clima 14750 Cold & Hot

Bull AC 351 RVKT

The Taurus AC 351 RVKT is a model with a power of 1370 watts that stands out for its aluminum construction and for offering 3 different operating modes: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation, being recommended according to the manufacturer for rooms up to 30 square meters.

It has wheels and a handle for easier and more comfortable transport, it comes with a remote control and a touchscreen control panel and includes a kit to exhaust hot air for sash and sliding windows. Its minimum-maximum sound pressure level is 56-65 dB (A) and can be found in stores for 516 euros.

Taurus AC 351 RVKT 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, 1370 W, aluminum

Daitsu APD-12HK

An interesting model is this Daitsu APD-12HK, a unit with a heat pump for the winter which offers a power of 3027 kcal / h being recommended for rooms of about 22 square meters. It has a digital display for program selection, a dehumidification function, a timer for 24 hour programming and a “Standby” function to reduce consumption and noise at night.

It offers four operating speeds, including a “turbo” to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible, but at the cost of producing more noise. Its sound pressure level at high-medium-low speed is respectively 53-51-49 dB (A). As for its price, it is around 498 euros.

Daitsu portable air conditioner 3NDA0088 with heat pump APD-12HK, power 3027 kcal / h, new refrigerant R32, application area: 22 m², energy class A-A +

De’Longhi Pac N90 Eco Silencer

De’Longhi has in its catalog of portable air conditioners this Pac N90 Eco Silent model with a cooling capacity of 9800 BTU, fan and dehumidifier functions, suitable according to the manufacturer for rooms up to 60 cubic meters.

It has a “Soft Touch” control panel with LED indicators, a 12 hour timer and a thermostat to program its ignition according to our needs. Its maximum sound power is 64 dB (A), although the manufacturer also gives us the minimum-maximum sound pressure figures of 50-52 dB (A). Its price is around 438 euros.

De’Longhi Pac N90 Eco Silent Portable Air Conditioner, 9800 BTU Cooling Capacity, Fan and Dehumidifier, Remote Control, Easy Carry, White