Jeanine Áñez, former president of Bolivia, transported by ambulance to hospital in La Paz on August 13 | Photo: EFE / Stringer

The Miraflores women’s penitentiary in La Paz, where Jeanine Áñez, former interim president of Bolivia is imprisoned, was the scene of unrest on Wednesday after a meeting of two different groups, one in support and the other against the successor of Evo Morales.

Today, a march called by a human rights group called for respect for Áñez’s right to self-defense against charges of conspiracy, sedition and terrorism, which led to his arrest in March of this year. The children of the former Bolivian interim president, Carolina and José Armando participated in the march, as well as the president of the Legislative Assembly of the Department of Santa Cruz, Zvonko Matkovic, and several political supporters.

Upon arriving at the penitentiary, the group encountered another who demanded justice for the deaths in the ‘Senkata and Sacaba massacres’, which took place during the country’s political crisis in 2019, and demanded that Áñez remain in prison. . Participants in both acts ended up exchanging curses and jostling each other. Several materials used in protest were destroyed during the riot.

The situation of the former interim president has been a source of controversy due to several releases from prison for medical reasons. In front of the cameras, Áñez appeared weakened, claiming a lack of memory, while prison authorities say she is stable and suffers from chronic treatable illnesses. Over the weekend, Evo Morales’ successor injured his arms, with the government saying they were superficial wounds, while the family stressed the need for stitches to close the cuts.