Yesterday afternoon, Samsung showed off its Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, which represent a historic leap in the most ambitious lineup yet. Besides burying the Note and replacing it with the larger model, the Koreans made a big promise: four years of Android updates for different models. In the field of Apple devices, the comparison is inevitable: the iPhone 6s will have 7 years of support.

Samsung promises what Google never could

Four years of operating system updates might not seem like a lot. For an iPhone user, of course, this is rather little. But if we take into account that until now the custom of Android manufacturers has been to offer few updates to their smartphones, this is excellent news.

In the past, manufacturers focused on releasing models that were then barely supported by software. The updates were released by Google, they adapted it to each model and later the operators had to give the green light, making the process arduous and slow for the user.

A few years ago, Google got involved in this matter, greatly simplifying the whole process. To the point where it promised to offer 3 years of Android update support to its Pixels, followed by two more security. That is, the creator of the operating system himself gave only 3 years.

With this update policy, Samsung takes us back to 2015

Now, Samsung raises the bet and ensures that its smartphones will be at least 4 years old. The new Galaxy S22 in its entirety, plus select models like the Galaxy S21 family, Galaxy S21 FE, and Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3. Of course, this is a big step for its users, since these are top-of-the-range terminals whose lifespan is essential for adequate and prolonged pleasure over time.

iPhone 6s nearly doubles Samsung’s promise

Although the Pixel 6 is Google’s umpteenth attempt to beat the iPhone in many ways, it never promised to honor Apple’s update policy. With Samsung adding another year of support, Android is getting a bit closer to Apple’s standard, but still a long way off.

The iPhone 6s will have 7 years of support according to the latest rumors, since iOS 16 would leave it behind as a supported device. In other words, a device released in 2015 will continue to receive its software and security updates on time until iOS 16 is released in September this year.

On the iPhone, update support is no longer a talking point as it is taken for granted

The most striking thing about this is that it is an unspoken update policy from Apple. Those in Cupertino didn’t say when the iPhone 6s launched that it would reach 7 years of support (as long as iOS 16 pulls it out). However, it is now in 2022 that Samsung promises updates until 2026. To confirm this promise, it will be necessary to wait four years.

It’s funny how we still talk about Android update support, whereas in the iPhone realm, that stopped being important a long time ago. It lost its notoriety after several years of continuous improvement on this front. And not to mention how the first iPhones went through their own update ordeal.