Although in a large capacity refrigerator we can have enough space to store a good number of bottles of wine, if we are passionate about these drinks, the ideal is to have a wine cellar specialized in this kind of things that help us to optimize its conservation and maintenance in the best conditions.

Fagor Electrodoméstico has announced the launch of three new models of wine cellars specially created to improve the conservation of wine bottles thanks to a series of technological additions that promise to protect them from climatic variations.

These are the 3WCI-8840N, 3WCI-6040N and 3WCI-4540N models, all integrable and integrating essentially the same functionalities but with different storage capacities, dimensions and surfaces.

Thus, the largest model, the 3WCI-8840N, offers a volume of 880 x 590 x 545 cm with a capacity of 57 bottles and 2 independent zones against 595 x 590 x 545 cm for the 3WCI-6040N with a capacity of 34 bottles and 2 independent zones and the 450 x 590 x 545 cm of the 3WCI-4540N with a capacity of 24 bottles and 1 zone.

Humidity, temperature and UV filter control

The new Fagor range includes among its technologies to improve the conservation of bottles a UV filter that promises to reduce exposure to the sun in bright kitchens, radiation that ultimately changes the smell, color and taste of wine.

They come with dark glass doors to protect the wine from light and natural wood shelves that act as vibration isolation, trying to recreate the conditions of a traditional cellar.

Inside the wine cellars, a humidification system has been incorporated that maintains the relative humidity of the air between 70% and 80% to better preserve the qualities of the wine. This is facilitated by a ventilation system that prevents oxidation and evaporation, as well as bacteria and bad odors.

The front part also includes an electronic control system with an LCD display visible without opening the doors and which allows different temperatures to be set in the different areas, as well as an LED lighting system.

Price and availability

The range of Fagor built-in wine cabinets has already begun to arrive in stores in the following models and recommended prices:

3WCI-8840N: capacity of 57 bottles and 2 independent zones for 1,099 euros 3WCI-6040N: capacity of 34 bottles and 2 independent zones for 1,049 euros 3WCI-4540N: capacity of 24 bottles and 1 zone for 779 euros

Fagor 3WCI-8840N built-in wine cellar