Google wants to make it easier to register new Nest and Chromecast devices when we get our hands on one and to that end it has launched a new app which can now be downloaded to the Android phone from the Google Play Store and which responds to the name of the device utility.

The objective of this application is to make the process of installing and adding new devices to our account less tedious, whether it is a speaker from the Nest range or a Chromecast. This way, there will be no need to depend on the Google Home app. An application that was born following the lawsuit brought by Sonos.

Install without using Google Home

We recently saw the legal issues that Google was facing. When it comes to Nest speakers and Chromecasts and some of the features, the company was sued by Sonos and lost in the process. As a result, Nest and Chromecast can no longer use certain functions they previously had and Google had to change the registration process.

As a result of these changes, Device Utility has arrived, the application for registering new devices that saves users having to do so by accessing the configuration through Google Home. The app can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store, although the activation process can still be done through Google Home.

Device Utility allows you to add devices to the Google Account and is currently required in some countries, in the case of the United States. The goal, how do you say, to avoid legal problems with Sonos.

To use Device Utility, it will be necessary to do so through mobile phones and tablets with Android 6.0 or higher version of the operating system. The operation is simple and once the application is launched, it will ask you to activate Bluetooth (to discover new devices) and deactivate WiFi (to create a hotspot and start the configuration).

At that time, it will start searching for new devices and if it finds Nest or Chromecast speakers that are not registered, the application will take care of adding them to our Google account and completing the configuration.

A disposable tool, because once the corresponding device is added it is useless. Also, Device Utility reviews in the Play Store are not very positive, and users talk about bugs and excessively slow adding process.

Currently Device Utility is not required in all countries and you can still use Google Home. But if the latter has problems, Google will ask you to download Device Utility. You can find it on this link.

Device Utility

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