Ever since Android Auto banned third-party apps, browsers kept reaching our car’s screen after several years where the only options were Google Maps and Waze. After the recent additions of Coyote and Mapfactor, it is now necessary to add Gaia GPS to the list of browsers compatible with Android Auto.

Gaia GPS is one of the best topographic and outdoor route maps apps that we can find for our mobiles, and now also for our cars with Android Auto.

Gaia GPS on Android Auto

Gaia GPS is a mapping and navigation app for the more adventurous who want to get into nature to drive on dirt roads for their off-road routes. Its arrival on Android Auto allows us to take advantage of its topographic and satellite maps from the screen of our car.

Gaia GPS for Android Auto offers us guided navigation with step-by-step instructions during our route, with three different zoom levels to be able to have a wider view of our route or a closer view to see the details of the terrain.

The version of Gaia GPS for Android Auto brings a series of limitations as required by Google so that the user barely has to touch the screen to avoid being distracted. For example, you won’t be able to create routes or change map fonts from the vehicle’s touchscreen. For these options, you will need to continue using the mobile version.

Gaia GPS (topographic maps)

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