Motorola has created the dream device for many Android Auto users: an accessory that transforms wired mobile access into wireless. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to physically connect the mobile to the car: the Motorola MA1 creates a WiFi bridge between the two.

When using Android Auto in a vehicle incorporating this function, it is essential to connect an Android phone to the car since it is this device that projects the screen on the car console. The projection can be done in two ways: via a USB cable or via WiFi. Most modern cars are equipped with wireless Android Auto, which users who do not have this function cannot take advantage of. Until now.

Motorola MA1: wireless Android Auto without complications

The Motorola MA1

If the car comes with Android Auto via a USB cable, there wasn’t much to do since it wasn’t possible to add wireless functionality directly (at least without the car going through the workshop). From Kickstarter, a solution was launched which facilitated Android Auto without cables; with the disadvantage that this device is still not marketed. Quite the opposite of the Motorola MA1.

The accessory that Motorola presented is approved by Google, as the company stated in communication with the latest Android Auto news. It is a cable that connects to the car via USB and, thanks to its WiFi module, allows a wireless connection with phones so that the user does not have to physically connect it when getting into the car.

The Motorola MA1 creates a 5 GHz Wi-Fi hotspot that the phone’s built-in Android Auto app automatically connects to. Thanks to this high-speed connection, the projection of the system on the central screen of the car should be carried out without delay, smoothly and with a high speed of audio and video transfer. Still according to Motorola.

Being a Google-approved solution, the Motorola MA1 shouldn’t cause any incompatibilities with Android Auto, at least in most vehicles. The brand assures that even the installation is simple: just connect the Motorola MA1 to the vehicle, pair the phone with the accessory and Android Auto would be ready to go without cables.

Now the bad news: Motorola has yet to release plans to market the device internationally, for the moment the sale is limited to the United States. There, it will be sold from January 28 on the Motorola Sound site. And it has a price of 89.95 euros, it is not exaggerated given the comfort it provides.

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