WiFi 6 technology has been knocking on people’s doors for three years. With this standard, the speeds are even higher, also achieving greater bandwidth. PLCs had to wait for this technology to be standardized in routers and other devices, but the wait is over. And it is that Devolo is launching its Magic 2 WiFi 6, the first PLC in its category.

Technical specifications

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi 6


2x RJ45


Wi-Fi 4/5/6 (IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax / k / v / r)


2.4GHz + 5GHz Dual Band Dual simultaneous

Channel width

20/40 / 80MHz


2×2 MIMO

Data transmission speed

2.4 GHz up to 574 Mbps

5 GHz up to 1201 Mbps

Powerline transmission speed

2400 Mbps (MIMO)

1200 Mbps (SISO)


500 meters


Auto MDI-X, QoS, WiFi Time, Mesh WiFi, Airtime Fairness

Energy consumption

Maximum: 12.4 W

Typical: 8.2 W

Standby: 2.5W


152 x 76 x 40 mm


[239,90 euros](https://www.amazon.es/dp/B09JWS479R?tag=xtk-pivot-21) (Starter kit)

Up to 1800 Mbps speed via WiFi

These machines take advantage of the house’s power line to transmit WiFi coverage and improve reception at the points we choose. Now, with the inclusion of WiFi 6, Devolo PLCs are able to achieve a maximum speed of 2400 Mbps from power lines and 1800 Mbps over WiFi. The Magic 2 WiFi 6 also offers two Ethernet ports, with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

This new generation of PLCs focuses on OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) technology, which increases the efficiency of wireless consumption by dividing the available channels into subsets, according to the user’s needs. From the manufacturer, they assure that their product “offers 50% more power than any other WiFi 5 powerline adapter on the market”.

Up to eight adapters and management via its own app

The adoption of the WiFi 6 standard in the home comes not only with a higher speed, but with a set of technologies that make the connection more stable despite the number of devices in the house. The firm is also promoting in this Magic 2 WiFi 6 its TWT technology (acronym for Destination Activation Time), which “puts on standby” devices that do not require instant connection, thus saving energy.

Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 allows you to connect up to eight adapters, which can distribute them throughout the house. In addition, thanks to applications for mobile and desktop devices, it is possible to manage the entire connection.

Pricing and availability

The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 PLC will arrive in stores at the end of November at a price of 239.90 euros. This “Starter Kit” has two adapters. If we choose its ‘Multiroom’ version, we will get three adapters at a price of 399.90 euros, with the possibility of expanding with an additional adapter for 179.90 euros per unit.

devolo Magic 2–2400 Wi-Fi 6: Powerline starter kit, mesh Wi-Fi, 4K / 8k UHD streaming and stable home work (up to 2400 Mbps Powerline and 1800 Mbps WiFi 6, 3 GB LAN ports, G. hn)

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