Much has been said about the possible name of the future iPhone 13. The reason is mainly the connotation of the number and also the need, at some point, to abandon the digital system to avoid one day reaching the iPhone 35. Afterwards everything, however, it looks like yes, the iPhone 13 will be called the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13, without further ado

As Duan Rui posted on Twitter, photos have appeared on Weibo that show the supposed packaging of the iPhone 13 and clearly have the name printed on it.

The supply chain quickly hired more than 200,000 additional employees to work on assembling future iPhones, making it easier to leak content like this.

The size of the manufacturing operation for the new iPhones is on an unimaginable scale. The Zhengzhou factory can accommodate up to 350,000 employees capable of producing 500,000 iPhones every day. Figures of vertigo, we look at them as we look at them.

With everything we know about the upcoming iPhone 13, the truth is that the name these new iPhones have will clearly be the lesser. From upgraded cameras to a bigger battery or a 120Hz display, these iPhones deserve an integer with no Ss or variants. An iPhone with its own name.