Apple today began selling several models of the 2020 iPad Pro in its refurbished online store. Some iPads at a substantial discount from the original price and on which Apple offers a one-year warranty. A great way to get the iPad we want at a reduced price.

A godsend as long as we find the model we want

Little is known about the refurbished section of the Apple store. It offers models which, after being returned by the original purchaser or in need of repair, are relisted at a reduced price. In iPads, Apple checks all the functionality of the equipment in its entirety, thoroughly cleans it, packs it with all new accessories and cables and, of course, repairs internal components if necessary.

As of today we find several 11-inch iPad Pros and 128 GB of storage in silver and space gray that we can buy for 649 euros, a discount of 120 euros from the original price. We also find the version with cellular connectivity that with the same specifications we can buy for 799 euros, a discount of 140 euros.

Unlike the main store, Apple offers specific configurations of the products in the refurbished store. In this sense, if what we want is precisely an iPad with these characteristics, we are in luck, if we want more storage, for example, we will have to wait until more models are integrated or consider a purchase in the usual Apple Online Store. .

As Apple shows in this store, where other company products can also be found, all devices are inspected, tested, cleaned and reconditioned in a new white box with all manuals and accessories. For all intents and purposes, apart from the difference between the “official” box and the white box in which they are delivered, it is impossible to distinguish a refurbished product from a brand new one.