Apple fixed no less than 23 major security flaws in the latest iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2 updates, 10 in the first and 13 in the second. Bugs including privilege escalation, iCloud, Safari and more, which, among other things, remind us of the great importance of software updates beyond the new.

iCloud sync bug fixes and improvements

As we have already mentioned several times, security updates are a very important part of the updates that we regularly install on our devices. It is true that this type of news goes unnoticed, but it is essential to protect our data and our privacy.

In iOS 15.3, Apple fixed 10 bugs that could pose a security threat. Among them is the bug in IndexedDB, which could allow a malicious website to view some of the recent browsing activity. Along with this, Apple has detailed other fixes, such as one that could allow an application to gain administrator privileges or one that could lead to the execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges, to name a few. just a few examples.

In macOS 12.2, the list of fixes amounts to 13 bugs. This includes, of course, the bug in IndexedDB we just mentioned, but Apple also mentions the fix for gaining privileges and code execution bugs.

Note here that Apple also fixed a bug that could cause iCloud content sync errors. An error that affected some developers and third-party applications and is now permanently resolved.

However, and as we have already started by saying, the importance of updates goes beyond visible news. The security of our data, our devices and our privacy goes through a quick update as soon as a new version appears.

Picture | Andras Vas