the human rights problem in Venezuela “has disappeared”

Argentine President Alberto Fernández at the presidential residence in Buenos Aires on April 14 | Photo: ESTEBAN COLLAZO / Presidency of Argentina

Argentine President Alberto Fernández said on Tuesday (18) that the human rights problem in Venezuela “has gradually disappeared”.

In an interview with a radio station in Buenos Aires, Fernández reported on a dialogue he had with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, during a recent visit to the European country. The Argentine president said Macron thanked him for all his “efforts for peace in Venezuela and for democracy and institutionality to work fully” in the Caribbean country.

Fernández then recalled that “many sectors of the left” criticized him for his support for the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, which denounced the violations of the Chavist dictatorship of human rights. ‘man.

“But I also worked to help Bachelet set up a permanent office in Venezuela, to monitor the functioning of human rights in Venezuela, and little by little this problem in Venezuela disappeared,” Fernández said.

So far, the regime of Nicolás Maduro has not authorized the establishment of a permanent UN office in Caracas.

The Argentine president has defended that the path to solving Venezuela’s problems “does not involve entering countries, whether armed or with a blockade”.

The representative of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in Argentina repudiated Fernández’s statements. On Twitter, Elisa Trotta said that the claim that the human rights problem is disappearing in Venezuela “is false”. “And even, [a declaração] means a crime for the tens of thousands of victims of the criminal dictatorship of [Nicolás] Mature, ”he added.

“It is also wrong, President @alferdez, that there is a blockade against Venezuela. There are sanctions against the corrupt, the criminals and the drug traffickers. If you read data and studies, instead of ‘listen to the members of the dictatorship, this point would become clear., “he said.

In her messages, Elisa Trotta recalled a Human Rights Watch report released last month that shows dictatorship security forces committed atrocities on the border with Colombia.

The NGO Foro Penal, which monitors the human rights situation in Venezuela, says there are currently 306 political prisoners of the Chavist dictatorship.

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