Among all the applications dedicated to analyzing the state of the battery of mobile phones, there is one that stands out for the amount of information it provides and the way it does it: Electron is a app worth checking out. Analyze the health of the battery, what is its actual capacity, how much charge it is receiving or using and much more. All with an Android 12 interface and Material You.

What is the most essential component of a mobile? This is a question that has several answers. For example, the screen is essential to interact with the mobile; the processor is what gives it life; without the memory, the phone would have nothing to display. But what about the battery? Without it, a smartphone is a paperweight, the rest of the components need energy to function. Therefore, it is practical to be aware of what is happening to the battery of our Android.

All the information you need displayed very well

Electron is one of those apps that is not only extremely useful because of the functions it offers, but also attractive when it comes to displaying the information it collects from the phone. Because it’s not the same to view the data in a disorganized way than to do it through well-placed cards, with a nice color palette and with all the battery parameters organized by tabs.

Electron’s main screen displays real-time battery information with two main pieces of information: its health status and its current real capacity. Thanks to this we can know if it is time to replace or we can still live with it: depending on the level of degradation (difference between the real capacity and that of the factory) it will be worth more to change the battery than to live glued to the power outlet.

Electron performs battery calibration at the beginning, it is also convenient to fully charge the phone for the application to acquire the real capacity data (the one we mentioned in the previous paragraph). Electron offers remaining mAh, factory capacity and what happens when you plug in the charger.

We can know if the charger connected to the phone is of good quality and if it offers a reliable source of electricity; Electron displays real-time charging power, dividing voltage and amperage into two maps; It even identifies problems in the charging process in the event that the components are not in good condition and it would be better to change them. It is a wonder.

One last thing to consider about Electron is that it also includes charging and discharging alarms (and power consumption per app). To prolong battery life, it is best to keep the charge level between 20-80%. For this reason, Electron alarms warn when these values ​​are reached in order to connect or disconnect the charger. These levels are customizable.

It is an exceptional application that not only reports vital data but also expands its use to extend the life of the component it monitors: the battery. Electron is free, has a small advertisement (not yet active) and allows its removal with an in-app purchase of 2.09 euros.

Electron – battery health information