He is considered a Greek folk hero. Before Mikis Theodorakis is buried in Crete on Thursday, Greeks can say goodbye to the composer in a church in Athens.

Athens (AP) – The Greeks have been able to say goodbye to Mikis Theodorakis at a church in Athens since Monday. The Greek composer and folk hero died last week at the age of 96.

Until Wednesday, his coffin will be placed in the small church of Agios Eleftherios in central Athens, right next to the city’s cathedral. After Theodorakis’ death last Friday, the government ordered a three-day mourning period.

Since this morning, many citizens have visited the place of worship to lay flowers. In the afternoon, people received the coffin and many sang songs of Theodorakis. Long lines of mourners formed who wanted to say goodbye to their idol. The police tried to enforce the safety distances related to the corona.

According to media reports, Theodorakis will be buried on Thursday near the Cretan city of Chania, where his father came from and where the family’s graves are. The composer and former resistance fighter also had millions of international fans. He became famous all over the world with the music and the theme of the movie “Alexis Sorbas”. However, Theodorakis also fought against the occupation of the National Socialists during World War II and in the Greek Civil War that followed and later against the Greek military dictatorship.