Over the past few days, we see how the Google Assistant improves its routines. After adding routines throughout the day and pauses between actions, here’s a new trigger.

Until now, the Google Assistant allowed us to activate a routine with a voice command, an hour, or at dawn or at dusk. Well, in its new version it also allows you to activate a routine by deactivating an alarm.

Actions after deactivating an alarm

Creating Google Assistant routines that activate after an alarm isn’t new. We could already do this from the Google Clock app for a few years, allowing us to add a routine to each of the alarms, but the Google Assistant is improving this feature to bring it to our smart speakers.

The Google Assistant allows us to create the routine that we want to perform after turning off an alarm, without having to tell it what time we want the alarm to sound. We just need to tell the assistant what actions to take after disabling an alarm from our smart speaker.

To do this, when creating a routine, we need to select the new option “Deactivate an alarm”. There we select in which enclosures we want the routine to be configured and if we want to select a range of hours, in case we want the routine to run only on the morning alarm and not on the alarm a nap, for example. Then on the next screen we have to add the actions that we want it to perform, like turning on the light, telling us the time, events, news, etc.

Once configured, when an alarm sounds on our speaker and we turn it off, the Google Assistant will perform the routine scheduled for those hours. We can tell the Google Assistant to run one routine for the morning alarms and another for the afternoon alarms.

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