Despite being on the market for a few months, Samsung has yet to address one of the flaws of its latest watches: the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 does not include the Google Assistant despite the fact that they are based on Wear OS. Of course, Google has confirmed that Assistant will be coming soon; while the company will take the opportunity to renew its assistant in Wear OS.

It’s not that the personal assistant is something essential in a smartwatch, but it ends up benefiting if the watch has a microphone and speakers; especially since it is only a question of programming reminders and timers (it is undoubtedly the most useful). Samsung offers Bixby, Apple sneaks Siri, there are brands taking advantage of it to add Amazon Alexa and Google has Assistant for all Wear OS. Or almost everything, that the Watch 4 still doesn’t have the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will arrive as an app on the Galaxy Watch 4

Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung preferred to prioritize its assistant instead of sharing space in the Galaxy Watch 4 with Google Assistant. The brand has already assured that it will eventually reach the watches, it is strange that it is still absent from it despite the fact that more than five months have passed since the launch.

As confirmed by Google, and mirrored by 9to5Google, Assistant will be coming to the Galaxy Watch 4 shortly to cover the absence. And it won’t do it as a system update, but as an app: owners of the latest Samsung smartwatches will need to access the Assistant installation from the Google Play store included in the Galaxy Watch 4.

Although it may seem inconvenient, the truth is that installing the assistant as an application allows you to update the assistant faster and without having to download a system update. In terms of operation, Assistant should work as well as on other watches with Wear OS (which has some bugs, by the way).

And speaking of Wear OS: Google has confirmed that it’s set to renew the appearance of Assistant in all of its watches, either as an app (the future of the Watch 4) or as a system element (the rest of Wear OS). The welcome screen will display a “Hello, how can I help you?” with the colored Google stripes at the bottom, the interface plans to get a facelift and Google says the system will display “faster than ever”. Until we test it, we won’t know.

The new Ok Google screen on Wear OS. Image by 9to5Google

We don’t know the Google Assistant update dates and when its app will be available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It’s likely that Google will update the assistant when Wear OS 3.0 rolls out to the devices. We will have to wait.

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