New Delhi, Tuesday, February 8, 2022

In India, the issue of political espionage from Pegasus spyware was rampant. As the standoff between the party and the opposition escalates, the investigation is also going on. This Pangasus spyware originally had connections to Israel. However, after the ghost of Pegasus in India, now rumors have started spreading in Israel as well. Although the case is not part of the ongoing Pegasus espionage controversy in India, a new case has emerged independently in Israel. A media report claimed that the Israeli police were spying on people with Pegasus spyware.

Regarding the allegations, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett clarified that the allegations against the Israeli police were “very serious” and would be investigated. Pangasus and some of its equipment are capable of fighting terrorism and serious charges, but cannot be used to spy on Israeli citizens or other important individuals.

Deputy Erto’s General Marari has also investigated the matter and the government has promised to appoint new officers as soon as possible. Not only this, the government has announced to form a committee to investigate the whole matter. The committee will investigate allegations of misuse of Pegasus spyware by hacking the phones of Israeli government officials, officials and aides of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


In late January, Israeli police confiscated evidence of Pegasis’ spying.

Only a few people from the Israeli Police Department carried out the espionage

In 2020, then PM Netanyahu and his supporters accused of hacking mobile

Pegasus is only used for terrorism and serious crimes – Naftali Bennett (PM) The charges against the Israeli police are serious

A committee has been announced to investigate the matter.