The Google Maps mobile application includes a wide variety of gestures that allow us to explore every detail of its maps, pinching the screen with two fingers being the zoom gesture that everyone knows, but there are other gestures less known to many users.

Google Maps, in addition to this screen pinch gesture, also offers three other gestures to zoom, a gesture to tilt the maps and another gesture to rotate them. Next, we’ll go over these five Google Maps gestures that not all users know about.

One finger zoom

We start with the one-finger zoom in/out gesture, a little-known trick that’s been part of the Maps app since early versions of Android. The gesture is easy to use. All you need to do is double tap and hold your finger after the second tap swipe your finger up or down as you can see in the video above. Thus, using the mobile with one hand, we can zoom in on Google Maps.

Zoom in on the map

The double tap on the screen is usually another of the gestures known to enlarge the maps of Google Maps. Each time we double tap, the scale of the map is reduced to enlarge it. If we are viewing the map at a scale of 500 meters, with a double click we switch to the scale of 200 meters. The scales supported by Google Maps are 2000 km/1000 miles, 1000 km/500 miles, 500 km/200 miles, 200 km/100 miles, 100 km/50 miles, 50 km/20 miles, 20 km /20 miles, 10 km/10 miles, 5 km/5 miles, 2 km/2 miles, 2 km/2 miles, 1 km/2000 ft, 500 m/1000 ft, 200 m/500 ft, 100 m /200ft, 50m/100ft, 20m/50ft, 10m/20ft and 5m/10ft. With a double press we go to the lower scale.

Make a discount on the card

Another very little known gesture is to scale up to make the map smaller. If with the double tap the scale is reduced with a touch with two fingers the scale is enlarged, making a controlled reduction of the map. Therefore, if we zoom in on the map with a double tap, to return to the previous zoom we must tap on the map with two fingers.

tilt the map

This gesture allows us to take advantage of the 3D layer of Google Maps. Swiping up with two fingers changes the tilt of the map, showing 3D maps in a new perspective. To return to normal view, just swipe down with two fingers.

rotate map

And finally, to explore the maps in 3D or to orient the map to a certain position, simply rotate the map with two fingers, making the natural gesture of turning a paper with two fingers. We can also zoom and rotate the map at the same time, making the pinch gesture as we twist our fingers.

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