Early adopters are doing the first tests getting the most out of the MagSafe battery Apple released for the iPhone 12, and opinions are mixed. We have seen how messages circulate on networks talking about a rather poor charge when the phone is used intensively with the battery connected.

Beware of using iOS 15 and Smart Battery Pack on your iPhone 12

One of these posts comes from Brandon Butch, Tech Writer and YouTuber:

After using the MagSafe battery today, I am quite disappointed.

For $ 99 I should be able to use my phone while charging & earn over 2% back.

The screenshots below show 3 hours of battery use (while actively using my phone ~ 60% of the time) pic.twitter.com/do9xacaXJ3

– Brandon Butch (@BrandonButch) July 21, 2021

In his case, he has been using his iPhone 12 with the beta of iOS 15 connected to the MagSafe battery for three hours, during which he claims to have used the phone “60% of the time”. The result was that the iPhone 12’s charge only increased by 2%, while the battery charge increased from 100% to 39%. That is, it seems that the battery and its charge was not enough to charge the phone in time.

Update on MagSafe Battery:

It performs much better on iOS 14.7 than on iOS 15 Beta 3. Battery is better on 14.7 in general, so that makes sense.

Here are the results of my iPhone 12 on iOS 14.7 after 3 hours of use.

So not as bad as originally thought but still .. $ 99? pic.twitter.com/I25jDDQZOL

– Brandon Butch (@BrandonButch) July 22, 2021

Brandon states in another tweet that updating to iOS 14.7 improves this performance, so one of the culprits is the instability of the beta of iOS 15. In this case, we see the battery “sacrificing” 78% of its charge to charge an iPone 20% more while it was actively in use for three hours.

Keep in mind that it is not detailed what kind of use was given to the iPhone 12: the same battery is not spent on writing a note compared to sending high quality photos. with 4G while watching a live Twitch using PiP on the screen. Of course, the consumption of each iPhone will change depending on what we do with it.

We have already explained well the behavior with raw numbers of this MagSafe battery, but one thing is the specs and another is the final behavior of the battery in real life. As Apple polishes the roughness, the autonomy of this accessory will be optimized.

In Applesfera Hyper launches a MagSafe external battery for the iPhone 12

Remember that the MagSafe battery is designed for the iPhone 12, and that you can now order it on the Apple site for 109 euros. Shipments arrive during the following week.

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The news The first tests with the MagSafe battery indicate a very slow charge with the iPhone in use: this is what we know was originally published in Applesfera by Miguel López.