HarmonyOS was already under development by the Huawei team, but things came to a head when the United States imposed a blockade on them that persists to this day. A blockade that deprived them of access to the proprietary part of Google within Android and, therefore, access to Google Play in addition to fundamental hardware components such as 5G processors.

Said and done, Huawei has accelerated the process and launched HarmonyOS, which is currently in its second generation, and brought it to the service of several of its terminals. And now we have the first mobile phone on the market with HarmonyOS that does not have the Huawei brand printed on the back. It has been signed by Gionee, a Chinese brand, and has printed a design and a name that seeks to make it, almost without a doubt, an iPhone 13 Pro clone.

This is the Gionee G13 Pro

Gionee account during the launch of the new G13 Pro that “the new HarmonyOS introduces a new smart life experience in all scenarios, the desktop can be freely combined” in addition to praising the system’s customization possibilities. Let’s remember that when we tested it extensively on Xataka Android, we were able to verify that (at least in its origins) HarmonyOS had a hard-to-hide Android base, even though the company’s plans were to diverge of development until it becomes a completely independent operating system.

Now Gionee introduces the first mobile phone with HarmonyOS that is not made by Huawei, a Gionee G13 Pro powered by Unisoc Tiger T310, with a truly compact 6.26-inch screen for the times we live in and with a dual rear camera with a “very iPhone” design, with 13 megapixels for the main one and 5 megapixels for the secondary one. The phone is powered by an internal 3,500mAh battery which seems fair, although Unisoc may have managed to balance the consumption to deliver good battery life.

Although we have not been able to verify it first hand, this Gionee G13 Pro should arrive with the Huawei AppGallery pre-installed, thus accompanying the HMS services, so it would also be unrelated to the Google Play Store which powers the vast majority of l Android ecosystem across the planet. This Gionee G13 Pro seems to want to compete in design with the iPhone 13 Pro, as we said before, although it does not do so in power or, of course, in price.

The brand puts it on sale in China for 529 yuan, which is equivalent to around 75 euros to change. We wish the iPhone 13 Pro cost that much, but not in our dreams. We will see how many “clones” of the iPhone 13 Pro will be released in the coming months, we already know that the Chinese market is very prone to this type of behavior. There, the copy is not treated as something offensive but as a tribute. Or as a way to carry the design of an iPhone in your pocket for a small fraction of its price. This too.

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