Ideally, Democrats are sweeping New York Governor Andrew Cuomo under the rug in order to hide his failure to deal with Covid. Photo: EFE / EPA / SPENCER PLATT / PISCINE

This week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned. It was an unexpected turn of events for a man who was called a hero of the republic by all the press, even though he handled the country’s worst Covid-19 outbreak, covering the deaths of thousands in homes of retirement.

Trevor Noah declared himself a “cuomosexual”; Chelsea Handler has spoken of her “infatuation” with him; there were even those who would include Cuomo as a possible name on the Democratic ticket if Biden hadn’t shown up.

Crown Publishing has seen fit to pay $ 5 million upfront for Cuomo’s self-perpetuating Covid-19 memoir humbly titled “America’s Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” [Crise
americana: lições de liderança na pandemia de Covid-19].

Cuomo, however, is not thrown down the drain due to his poor performance in dealing with the pandemic, although his state currently has the second-worst death rate per million in the United States (Florida, scarecrow of the press, is 26th on this list, despite being the second oldest state in the United States, behind Maine).

Far from there. Facing Cuomo’s resignation, Biden lamented that Cuomo had done “a hell of a job” on “everything from electoral infrastructure to a lot of other things. That’s why it’s so sad.

But the point is, Cuomo was forced to resign because of his habit of touching the bodies of his subordinates.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, herself guarding the governor’s official residence, released a 168-page report detailing Cuomo’s behavior towards 11 women who accuse him of sexual harassment. The most direct allegation comes from Brittany Commisso, a former secretary who said Cuomo rubbed her buttocks, kissed her on the mouth and touched her breasts.

James refused to sue Cuomo, but the report was enough to open the floodgates. By the end of last week, it was clear that Cuomo no longer had the political backing he needed to stay in office – in part because of his long-standing habit of treating state deputies like garbage. .

Today we are told that Cuomo’s resignation is a consequence of high democratic moral standards. MSNBC’s Joy Reid said Cuomo’s departure was “the result of Democratic pressure” – and he had reason to do so, given the Democratic majority in the state Senate.

Russell Berman of Atlantic made the same argument, saying “Democrats demand more of their leaders than Republicans.”

Of course, this is not true. Certainly not. Democrats often ignore powerful politicians accused of sexual misconduct, from Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy to former President Bill Clinton to Biden himself. It all depends on the current political environment.

And the reality is that Cuomo was a problem for the Democratic Party not only because of his tendency to outsmart women, but because of his poor performance in dealing with the pandemic.

Cuomo’s lockdown policies have resulted in multiple deaths, the flight of residents, and the nation’s fourth-worst unemployment rate – even though Democrats see him as a role model governor.

Getting rid of Cuomo is therefore a good step. This allows Democrats to pretend they care about the #MeToo movement while hiding a bigger issue.

Which is why it must have been so difficult for Cuomo – who has been ridding himself of this kind of accusation for at least a decade – to have to step down in his supposed moment of triumph.

This is also why the Democrats defended it. After all, to recognize that Cuomo failed to deal with the pandemic would be to recognize that current Democratic policies reflect Cuomo’s failure. Better to sweep it under the rug than to allow opponents to use it as a concrete case of incompetence and dictatorial behavior.

Ben Shapiro is the host of the “Ben Shapiro Show” and editor of the Daily Wire.

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