China extinguished the Olympic torch on Sunday night, bringing an end to the Beijing Games that will be remembered for its anti-cov-19 zeal and fury over the doping scandal that engulfed Russian skating prodigy Kamila Valia, who was just 15 years old at the time.

President Xi Jinping of China was present at the snowflake-themed celebration at the Bird’s Nest stadium, where IOC President Thomas Bach praised the Beijing Games as “absolutely spectacular” before declaring them finished.

The Beijing Olympics, which took place inside a ‘closed-loop,’ were the second in six months that Covid-19 deprived of most of the fun. They were also pursued by politics, which included a diplomatic boycott of China over its civil rights record, as well as the threat of Russian annexation of Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin attending the opening ceremony as a show of unity with Xi against the West.

The ceremony ended with a firework display lettering out “one world, one family,” which was followed by a performance of “Auld Lang Syne. Bach thanked Beijing’s organizers and called for cooperation as well as accessibility to Covid-19 vaccinations during the ceremony.

Even though your nations are split by violence, you embraced each other,’ he remarked. Games provided a chance to keep us united. ‘During the opening ceremony, Bach sat next to Xi, with some space between them.

Red Chinese lanterns cast a glow on one side of the stadium, which was around half-filled, as Olympic competitors arrived in masse to ‘Ode to Joy,’ dancing and snapping pictures.

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When USA speed skater Eileen Gu, who received gold medals and a silver for China, was displayed on the screen, the stadium erupted in applause. The clapping was joined by Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, who was later seen watching through binoculars at the sight of athletes striding over the lit LED-screen floor of the massive stadium.

Because of Beijing’s tightly walled bubble, the atypical coronavirus was unable to propagate at the Olympics or in the broader population, demonstrating the effectiveness of China’s zero Cov-19 policy, which has quarantined the nation behind virtually impassable barriers that show no signs of lessening. Positive tests, on the other hand, shattered the Olympic ambitions of many competitors, preventing them from competing.

A group of 365 individuals afterward said their goodbyes with a shimmering green willow twig, imitating a traditional Chinese symbol of grief for parting.