China and Europe will intensify their information-sharing cooperation in the fight against terrorism, corruption, and other serious crimes, which are at the top of both sides’ security agendas. China’s Ministry of Public Security and the European Security Officer officially signed Both sides are actively following their domestic legislation as part of the proposed agreement.

Members of the European Parliament discussed the legislation’s content, which still requires approval at the upper level of parliament and approval from the European Council. According to authoritative European Union anti-terrorism sources. The agreement will come into operation once the appropriate domestic approval procedures are finished. According to a European official source, Both sides will trade information, including professional knowledge, overall situation reports, tactical analysis results, and information on criminal investigative operations.

In addition, China and the EU will share information on crime prevention strategies, participate in training and exchange events, and provide guidance and support in specific criminal investigations. There are no provisions in the agreement regarding the exchange of personal data. According to the European side’s proposal, it encompasses the fight against terrorism, which is high on the EU agenda, as well as anti-corruption, which Beijing is pursuing aggressively.

Early this year, China’s President special envoy, head of the CPC Central Committee’s Council for Legal and Political Affairs, visited the EU, Belgium, and United Kingdom to discuss broader collaboration and coordination with European leaders. In May, when meg met with the official Spokesperson of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and the Belgian Prime Minister he stated that terrorism was a serious global threat.

Chinese officials stated that China is eager to enhance law enforcement and security cooperation with Belgium in order to work jointly to fight the threat of terrorism. Belgium is also eager to collaborate with China to promote counter-terrorism, law enforcement, and security cooperation. President of the European declared that Europe is in existential problem as a result of escalating terrorist incidents and other issues.

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