Since last April Google opened the ban on third-party applications in Android Auto, new GPS browsers have continued to arrive on the screen of compatible vehicles after several years where Google Maps and Waze were the only browsers available.

In recent months, most of the best Android GPS navigators have added support for Android Auto. Next, we’ll take a look at the eight best GPS navigators for Android Auto that you already use in your car.

Google maps

When Android Auto first came to vehicles in 2015, Google Maps was the only GPS navigator available for three years, and the one that is currently provided by default as in most Android devices.

Google Maps for Android Auto allows us to enjoy on the screen of our car one of the best free GPS navigators with its powerful search engine of routes and places, its maps updated daily, its traffic or speed camera alerts. .

Maps – Navigation and public transport


In 2018, Android Auto added its second GPS navigator with the arrival of Waze, Google’s second navigation app, and also completely free, which has become very popular for its social functions.

Waze for Android Auto allows us to see your navigation step by step with its real-time traffic alerts and with its popular feature to report incidents that we encounter while driving.

Waze – GPS, maps, traffic alerts and navigation

Developer: Waze Download from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Maps and navigation

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic was the first third-party GPS navigator to come to Android Auto in March, yes, only for premium users of the app, although we can try this support for 30 days completely free of charge.

Sygic is a very comprehensive browser and one of the most downloaded and rated third-party GPS devices on Google Play. It has download maps, traffic warnings, speed cameras and speed warnings.

GPS navigation and Sygic maps

Developer: Sygic Download from: Google Play Price: Free with in-app purchases Category: Maps and navigation

TomTom NaviGO

TomTom NaviGO is the free, scaled-down version of the popular TomTom GPS Navigator that the company launched on Android this year, and which was released for Android Auto in April.

TomTom NaviGO for Android Auto allows us to take advantage of its detailed instructions with its traffic alerts, speed camera warnings or speed limits, among other features. Of course, this free version requires an internet connection.

TomTom AmiGO GPS Maps Navigation-Traffic, Speed ​​Cameras

TomTom GO navigation

In May, the full version of TomTom GO Navigation came to Android Auto, which you need to have subscribed to in order to use the app, both on your mobile phone and on the screen in your car.

TomTom GO for Android Auto does not require a connection and allows us to try all of its functions free of charge for 30 days. Then you will have to pay via some of your subscriptions (€ 1.99 / 1 month, € 8.99 / 6 months or € 12.99 / 12 months).

TomTom GO navigation


The famous Coyote radar warning device arrived on Android Auto in mid-June, but like Sygic, Android Auto compatibility will only be available to its paid users.

Coyote for Android Auto allows us to take advantage of its speed camera alert, guided navigation and traffic incidents on our car screen.

Coyote: radars, GPS and traffic

MapFactor navigation

At the end of June, another free browser arrived on Android Auto: the popular MapFactor Navigation, which uses the free maps from OpenStreetMap, although it allows us to buy TomTom maps.

MapFactor Navigation for Android Auto allows us to use your guided and offline navigation maps, speed camera warnings and speed limits.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

Developer: MapFactorDownload at: Google PlayPrice: Free with in-app purchasesCategory: Maps & Navigation

Gaia GPS

Finally, we end our selection with Gaia GPS, a GPS navigator mainly intended for the most daring users, whose compatibility arrived on Android Auto at the end of last July.

In Gaia GPS for Android Auto we find a GPS that allows us to explore with our off-road car those roads and dirt tracks to be done in the mountains that other GPS does not include.

Gaia GPS (topographic maps)

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