We recently saw the changes Signify was preparing for its Philips Hue smart bulb ecosystem with new light effects. And apparently this will not be the only change that will arrive, since the brand is working to unify the two applications it currently has.

When controlling Philips bulbs, you can choose to use a hub or bridge, which must be purchased separately, or use Bluetooth connectivity, which offers more limited usability. Depending on one mode or another, you have to choose between one application or another and that seems to change.

Bluetooth and hub in one app

From Signify, it looks like they’re working on unifying the two apps into one, so if you’re using Bluetooth-only Philips bulbs, you may soon need to switch apps. The duality between Philips Hue Bluetooth and Philips Hue is over.

Bluetooth connectivity could soon be integrated directly into the Philips Hue app itself, making it easier for owners of one of these bulbs who may sometimes wonder which app to use.

According to a post on Hueblog.com, the changes will come from version 4.11 and it remains to be seen if the brand decides to retire one of the two apps it now has. This is to be expected, since a single unified application facilitates maintenance tasks and avoids having to work in parallel on two almost identical applications.

Owners of a Hue light fixture will only need to download the Philips Hue app whether they use Bluetooth or Bridge connectivity.

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