BWM is preparing to launch an application for the Apple Watch, a few months after the launch of its i4, an all-electric sedan. The application will however be used for other models of the brand, in particular for the new electric models, but also valid for combustion models.

A new BMW app for the Apple Watch

BMW has a long history of implementing mobile technology in its vehicles. Currently we find applications such as My BMW, which allow us to know the state and functions of the vehicle, to access the routes we have taken, to view the image of the cameras of the vehicle, to plan the electrical charges. and more.

We also find technologies such as Car Key, which allow us to open our car without taking the iPhone out of its pocket and which have been recently updated to adapt to UWB technology.

BMW wants to bring its MyBMW app to Apple Watch, to have control of the vehicle from our wrist

As we read in 9to5mac, the company is currently working on bringing this application to the Apple Watch, through which it will be possible to control functions such as opening or closing doors, the temperature of the air conditioning, the display of vehicle cameras, battery status, etc. . . . It will be an even more comfortable and faster way to interact with the vehicle thanks to our watch.

To get feedback on its development, BMW has released surveys for business owners in recent weeks, asking them what features they would like to see in this app.

There is no official date for the arrival of this app on the Apple Watch, but it should see it in the fall of 2021, so we would be a few months away from its launch.