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“Gender is a fact”. American comedian Dave Chappelle’s statement on his latest Netflix comedy special, “Closing,” shouldn’t cause any shock or controversy. But said now, in 2021, it’s revolutionary. And put the world of identity in an uproar. Cancellation attempts quickly emerged: in addition to criticism in the American press, LGBT groups accused the comedian of practicing “hate speech”.

They couldn’t be more wrong (or wrong, or wrong).

In ‘Closing’, Chappelle shows a deep affection and humanism, especially when telling the story of her trans friend Daphne Dorman, and humility in trying to understand herself and the difficulties we are all in. faced. Maybe it’s not even fair to define ‘Closing’ as a comedy special, although Chappelle does make us laugh wildly. It’s a special on love of neighbor, even outside the standards that activism, the alphabet gang, like the joking Chappelle, wants to impose.