We come back to talking about cloud-based Windows, Microsoft’s plan to bring its operating system to different devices and thus forget about the hardware that until now could limit us. We were aiming for a launch between today and tomorrow and that is what ultimately happened. We already have Windows 365 with us.

The company has confirmed its commitment to the cloud to have a kind of Windows streaming but instead of Cloud PC they have opted for a name in line with the other products of the brand and if we have Office 365 now it’s our turn. of Windows 365.

Windows everywhere

Windows 365 is something many may remember from Microsoft xCloud or Google Stadia, but now put entertainment aside. A system that allows Windows to run on a wide variety of devices that can run a browser. This means that we have Windows on a mobile with Android, but also on an iPhone or an Apple Mac, to name just two examples.

Windows 365 is the door that gives us access to all the applications we use in Windows, but also to our favorite settings. A Windows 365 which currently hides the base of Windows 10 inside but which hopes to make the jump to Windows 11 when it launches.

With Windows 365, you can improve the security of your computers. Windows can be accessed via a browser from a personal or professional device, which means putting an end to compatibility problems and, incidentally, avoiding possible security breaches.

For now, Windows 365 ships with an approach designed for the enterprise market, which we also discussed this morning. In fact, it’s billed as “a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 for businesses of all sizes” and that’s why security is essential. Windows 365 is built on Zero Trust principles to avoid potential risks. It does this by storing the information in the cloud, not on the device.

Windows 365 is a child, as they suggest in the pandemic release. It’s about making it easier to work from anywhere and from any device. And by the way, the need for specific hardware or personal device security is eliminated.

Windows 365 will generally be available for businesses of all sizes from August 2, 2021 and they have already activated a page, this link, to learn more.

Businesses can choose the size of Windows in the cloud that best suits their needs at the price per user per month. In this sense, it offers two options which include Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

Regarding a consumer version, Microsoft has not provided any type of data for the moment, but as we saw this morning, it is to be expected that over time

In development …