China’s government agency Cyberspace Administration has issued a notification to Internet companies. Accordingly, now the Chinese government will control the algorithm of Internet companies. No sharp objects can be shown to the users. Action will be taken against companies doing this.
China’s Internet watchdog, the Cyberspace Administration, in a notification urged Internet companies not to install algorithms that unfairly trick people into buying useless items and disrupting the economy. The Chinese agency also urged companies to give an option to turn off on-screen suggestions based on algorithms by ordering users not to make such suggestions. Users agree that it is their fundamental right to turn off the suggestion.
By doing this, China has strengthened its hold on the algorithms of all Internet companies. China’s Internet regulator said domestic and foreign Internet companies need to be ethical in their dealings. The principles laid down by the government have to be followed. It is not proper to make something sharp or to persuade people to spend by looking at it.
The new law will come into effect from September 9. The announcement comes as part of the Chinese government crackdown on all internet companies in the name of user data privacy. The director urged that companies that tamper with the algorithm would also be punished and this would be announced in the coming days.