Windows 11 continues to make improvements that we are seeing with the arrival of new builds that are released as part of the Insider program that you can already try. Now is the time to know the changes brought by the “Snipping Tool”.

We have seen changes in the Windows Calculator and in Mail and Calendar and to these are now added changes in the renewed “Snipping Tool”. Right off the bat it went from “Snip & Sketch” to “Snipping Tool” which can now be tested in the Windows Insider program (Dev Channel).

Two apps in one

A change that goes beyond the name change, as the tool now called “Snipping Tool” has been updated with new WinUI controls that allow the application to be more consistent with the design of the system. operation. Snipping Tool is now more similar to the general aesthetic of Windows 11.

The first thing that stands out is the change in appearance, as Microsoft has allowed rounded corners and a stronger Fluent Design style as well as new iconography for the app.

In addition, the new capture tool comes with new functions such as the one that allows you to capture a custom part of the screen called the capture tool or the ability to add marks and save that screenshot.

The new Snipping tool now bundles some of the functions that were already in “Snipping and Drawing”. Just type “Snippets” into the Windows 11 search. In the new tool, we can even program a delay in the screenshot.

As soon as we open it, we just have to follow the instructions to capture the area of ​​the screen that we want to collect and it will open directly in the Snipping tool to interact with it. We can use the pen icon or the highlighter to add annotations and then share or save the results.

The new Snipping Tool now represents the best of both applications (“Snipping and Drawing” and “Snipping Tools”) and in one tool we find the different options in one application.

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