Ottawa, Ta. 08 February 2022 Tuesday

When the peasant movement was going on in India, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumped on the bandwagon.

Trudeau gave unsolicited advice to India at the time, saying that the state of the peasant movement in India was “worrisome”. “We are concerned for all the families. Canada stands with them. We believe in dialogue and we are making our concerns known to the government of India through various channels.

However, disciplining and enforcing others is a different matter, and Trudeau’s double standards have been exposed in Canada when truck drivers are protesting.

Truckers in Ottawa, Canada are protesting the mandatory corona vaccine, saying, “Truckers need to stop protesting. They are disrupting the country’s economy. It is not right to be upset. These demonstrations need to stop.” There is a need. This is not right. When the country is coming out of the corona pandemic, some people protest.