When we talk about security cameras to monitor what is happening at home, the days of referring to exclusive products are long gone. They now offer affordable prices and a good example is the Blink Indoor camera, a model that can now be found at its historic lowest price.

We can get the Blink Indoor, an outdoor surveillance camera for just 49.99 euros compared to the 99.99 euros it cost. The normal thing is to find it for 79.99 euros on Amazon, so we still have a juicy discount of 30 euros.

Everything always under control

The Blink Indoor is a security camera designed for interiors, although it shares an almost identical design with the Blink Outdoor, which is also on sale for 64.99 euros. A camera that only requires a Wi-Fi connection and thanks to its built-in battery can be placed anywhere without having to depend on outlets. In this sense, it works for up to two years on two AA batteries.

Interior flashing | Wireless HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery Life, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio | 1 camera

The Blink Indoor offers a viewing angle of 110º and thus offers greater coverage of the room. It allows you to record videos in 1080p during the day and in HD at night thanks to infrared night vision.

The Blink Indoor is a compact security camera that, thanks to connectivity, allows you to send and receive personalized notifications when it detects movement in the coverage area, notifications that reach the phone through the Blink Home Monitor application .

In addition, the Blink Indoor can be integrated with the voice assistant Alexa so that we can control it by voice commands, as well as with devices such as the Echo Show or the Fire TV Stick. It offers two-way communication (you can listen and talk to people and pets at home from the Blink app) thanks to the fact that it includes a microphone and a speaker.

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Interior flashing | Wireless HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery Life, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio | 1 camera