If you’ve just updated to the latest beta of WhatsApp and notice something different, it’s not your imagination. The app has updated its look with different color shades for much of its interface elements.

The WhatsApp beta renews its interface, with the most significant change being the brighter green color displayed in the top bar, in addition to the system status bar adopting the same color, merging with the app. Many other elements of the interface have slightly changed their tones.

New colors for WhatsApp

WhatsApp version beta renews its color scheme, although you should be careful to notice the differences. In light mode, the changes are more obvious as the ubiquitous green color displayed on the top bar of the app has a brighter green tint and blends into the status bar.

The old look (left) and the new (right)

Now that’s not the only UI element that changes color, as you can see in the screenshot above. From audio icons to chat bubbles to information panels on the date of a chat have changed colors. The button to send a voice note also adopts the new green color.

If you use dark mode, the changes aren’t that shocking as the app’s gray is retained, although again the app top bar and Android status bar colors are merged. .

The old look (left) and the new (right)

In dark mode, the changes are more subtle, but there are still small variations in the colors of the chat participants, bubbles, and other UI elements. Other changes that come in this beta are that the date a group was created is displayed again and that in the writing area, instead of putting “Write a message”, it just says “Message” .

Via | WaBetaInfo