Facebook has decided to launch the public beta of WhatsApp for Mac, an application with which you can access your iPhone’s chats from your computer. A beta that, although it’s still in development, we should be able to use without too many obstacles.

WhatsApp for Mac can now be downloaded, although still in beta

As reported in WABeraInfo, the beta version of WhatsApp for Mac will help Facebook improve cross-device support and, at the same time, get feedback from early adopters.

Once the app is downloaded, we can sign up for the company’s beta program, which means we can receive future updates. For now, the latest version available is 2.2133.1, which we can download directly here.

Thanks to the multi-device support that Facebook is working on and which will soon bring us the WhatsApp application for iPad, we will be able to use the application for Mac independently of the iPhone.

Multi-device means that users will have the same features that are available in the current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop, and Portal, but without the need to connect their phones. Our multi-device capability immediately improves the experience for people using Desktop / Web and Portal. And it will also add support for more device types over time.

The main new feature of this beta, according to WABetaInfo, is the redesign of voice notes, which now allows you to listen to the contents of the recording before sending it.

It seems that Facebook is finally catching up on its applications. It’s hard to explain how other messaging apps deliver great native apps from the first minute that a company the size and resources of Facebook didn’t find enough time to develop an app for it. Mac. use Zuckerberg service to communicate now, we can also do on Mac.