Among the many customization features of Android, few stand out more for their functionality than the widgets that we can carry around on the desktop. Quick actions without having to open apps or information by hand at a glance, as can happen with the clock widget or as with the widgets that tell us about the weather, which we bring you here .

Widgets that tell us about the weather in our city, including temperature, the possibility of precipitation, and even widgets that tell us the weather in other cities if we want to be informed before a trip. We have options for all tastes and now here we are going to put together the ones that we think are the best you can find.

Today’s weather

We start with Today Weather, which is, with the permission of the others selected, our favorite for this task, to become our weather widget. But we are not talking about a single widget but several and they are also customizable. We can choose to see what time we are in, the whole week, the thermal sensation, humidity and many other factors. In addition, we have small widgets and also full widgets to occupy our entire desktop. It’s a free app with advertising, give it a try.

Today’s weather

Carrot Weather

If what you’re looking for is a different weather app to extract your widgets, Carrot Weather must be one of the ones you’ve chosen. The app bases its main feature on the humor with which she writes each of the messages she offers us, such as “it’s summer, we’re all going to die of heat”. The only downside is that he’s not in Spanish yet, so we’ll have to enjoy his humor in English. But yes, it’s still so fun and useful, and its two widgets are customizable. The application is free with advertising and offers inside purchases but in order to be able to use the widgets we will have to pay: we have a week to try them for free and then it will cost us 3.89 euros per year.

CAROTTE Weather forecast

Another widget

Maybe we are not faced with one of the most comprehensive weather widgets out there, but we are dealing with one that is quite aesthetic and practical that allows us multiple information on the screen, including the weather forecast. . It’s kind of a copy of the Google Pixel widget but suitable for other Android phones, and it’s completely free. Try.

Another widget


One of the best known and most accurate applications in the mobile world in terms of weather information had to be present in this compilation of widgets because yes it is. In various sizes and styles and we can customize them to have the weather information on our android desktop. AccuWeather for Android is a free app that contains ads and offers us purchases. One of the best.

AccuWeather weather forecasts and alerts

Weather YoWindow

Again, a super complete weather app that also has widgets for our Android desktop. YoWindow has different sources to collect weather information and we can customize the widgets to fit exactly what we are looking for. We have the weather today, the weather tomorrow, two weeks from now, the thermal sensation, the probability of rain, the UV index and even the water temperature. One of the best that can be found on Android and free, albeit with some advertising and shopping inside.

Accurate Weather YoWindow + Wallpapers


In 1Weather we find so many customization options that we can search it for its widgets and we will keep it as our main weather app. Great design and over 10 customizable widgets to pull everything out when we need it and to fit any desktop we’ve designed. Plus, every time you open the app, it offers you weather-related information, although you can turn the option off if you want. Yes, there are advertisements, but they are really rare.

1Weather: weather forecast, widgets and radar

Underground weather

We’re saying goodbye for now with another great app that you should know about that has customizable widgets to suit everyone’s taste, besides being pretty comprehensive. Weather Underground provides truly accurate weather forecasts thanks, in part, to the collaboration of the users themselves, as it connects to a network of weather stations installed in homes. The application is not focused on Spain, so the units of measure will have to be changed in the settings, but in return we will get a really complete application with information not only on the weather but also on the quality of the weather. air and other factors.

Weather – Underground weather