There are many ways to take advantage of an iPhone through third-party apps and not-so-obvious tricks at first glance. It’s always useful to know a few third-party apps and iOS tricks. We’ve rounded up several apps and tips that take iPhone usage a step further.

7 Interesting Apps to Install on an iPhone

Documents to manage files: Apple has its own Files app to manage documents and folders, but we might also be interested in Readdle’s alternative: Documents. Free application that you can download from the App Store and with which you can open and play dozens of different files. Things or Todoist to organize tasks: If we want to go beyond the Reminders application, perhaps with more complex tasks that require more detail in their approach, it is worth taking a look at alternatives such as Things or Todoist. The former is a one-time payment, the latter is free with an annual subscription option for premium features. Spark or Outlook to manage emails: Two interesting applications to manage our email. In this sense, the best in the App Store at the moment are Spark from Reeder and Outlook from Microsoft. Both totally free. 1Password to save passwords: Using different passwords for each application, website or account is essential if we want to protect our data. To do something like this you need to have a password manager (unless you’re a genius) and the best is definitely 1Password. At Applesfera we explain what it is and how to take advantage of it. Available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases. Overcast, Castro, or Pocket Casts for listening to podcasts: If you like listening to podcasts, there are also alternatives to Apple’s Podcasts app. The best ones are Overcast (for its audio enhancement engine), Castro (for its amazing podcast episode management and interface), and Pocket Casts (if we want something cross-platform available on Android and the web as well). It’s all free with in-app purchases on the App Store. Streaks to complete clothes: Ninguna app nos ayuda más a cumplir nuestros objects que Streaks, con un interfaz pensada especialmente para completar clothes y con integraciones con Salud y el Apple Watch para completar lábitos automáticamente si tienen que ver con la salud o el deporte entre otras Things. A one-time payment in the App Store. Darkroom to Edit Pictures: An excellent iPhone photo editor for the huge number of editing, cropping and enhancement options. It also has a multitude of filters and the ability to add custom filters. Available on the App Store with in-app purchases. Halide to take photos: If we want to take photos in a more professional way and with more control over exposure, ISO or focus, among others… Halide is the best camera application in this moment. A one-time payment in the App Store.

7 hidden tricks to use on the iPhone

Customize the control center: In the control center we have access to a series of options quickly by swiping at the top right of the screen. If we want to rearrange, add or remove controls from the control center, we can do it from Settings> Control center> Customize controls. Scan QR codes and Wi-Fi networks: we simply open the Camera app and point to a QR code. The app will automatically detect the QR code and a notification will appear which if tapped will open the QR code link or information. By the way, if we point to a QR code of a Wi-Fi router, it automatically connects to this network without the need for a password. Change Siri’s voice: Siri comes with a female voice by default, although this can be changed to male if desired. Also change your accent or language. All this from Settings > Siri and search > Language / Siri Voice. Slide to type on the keyboard: Yes, on the iPhone it is also possible to type by simply sliding your finger along the keyboard if it makes you type faster. The iPhone will automatically recognize the words. Just summon the keyboard and start swiping your finger, stopping on the letters you want to “press”. Record Full Website: When we take a screenshot, by default what is seen on the screen is recorded, but if it is the screenshot of a website in Safari, we may record the entire website. The ‘Full page’ option will appear in the options of the screenshot taken, and when switching to this mode we can select a larger piece to save as an image or directly the entire web in format PDF. Hide photos from the Photos app: If we don’t want a photo to appear in the main album of the Photos app or in features like Memories… we can hide it in a hidden album by selecting the photo (or photos) and in the sharing menu by choosing ‘Hide’. It will only appear in the hidden album, but be careful, this does not mean that they are not accessible, there is no type of password protection to access the album, it’s just another album. Configure two faces in Face ID: Face ID adapts and understands the changes we have on the face, for example when wearing sunglasses, hats or a long beard. But if for some reason we constantly have two very different appearances (say a clear face and another wearing a scarf in winter) it is possible to configure an alternative face so that Face ID recognizes us more easily. We will do this from Settings> Face ID and passcode> Configure alternate appearance.

As for cheats, we have many more that are worth looking at. Here we have 57 towers and here we have another 33 towers. With these resources we will ensure that we get the most out of an iPhone which, as we can see, has much more to offer than it seems.

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